Singapore is a city with a rich heritage but has also now been infused with the western culture, such as the indie cafes we see along Duxton streets or even Holland Village. When was the last time you looked forward to a meal at a Chinese Restaurant? Or felt excited getting your teeth sunk into the best Peking Duck in Singapore, Dim Sum, or even some other Cantonese cuisines?

Here are the 3 main reasons why you should try Authentic Chinese food in Singapore!

Authentic Dim Sum That’s Everywhere

The best Dim Sum is not exclusive to just Hong Kong. With many different options, Singaporeans are spoiled for choice when it comes to eating Dim Sum. Furthermore, it’s available at every corner of the island. Tasting the traditional prawn dumpling with its crystal clear, and chewy skin with fresh juicy prawns in it. It is a petite size delicacy much like sushi. Most of the Dim Sum restaurants here in Singapore serve a wide range of Dim Sums at a relatively reasonable price and quality is not compromised for that matter!

Get your cravings satisfied at any hour of the day

Dining at Chinese restaurants is a different experience as compared to western restaurants or cafés. Chinese restaurants are known to have long operating hours that goes right into wee hours. That would mean that you can get your Chinese food cravings satisfied even at such odd timings of the day! Chinatown restaurants like China Classic even operate till 10pm when Chinatown Point is already closed.


Healthy balanced meal

Chinese food is usually prepared with a balance of extra spices. Why? When it comes to chinese food, it is usually prepared through steaming, broiling, or roasting! Any dishes described as crispy, coated, twice-cooked, or battered always suggest higher calorie and fat contents. Having that said, you can expect chinese food to satisfy your taste buds without ruining your healthy diet! That’s always the safest bet.


Where to eat Cantonese food in Singapore?

Speaking of that so far, it’s time to share where you can get the best Cantonese Chinese Food here in Singapore!


The Atmosphere: China Classic is one of the Chinese restaurants that has the most authentic oriental interor. Service staff greets guests with a warm smile and serve you water as soon as you take a sit. Other than dining on a normal day, China Classic also has VIP Rooms that guests can pre-book for any occasions – family parties, wedding dinners, birthday parties or even corporate parties. The VIP Room not only gives you the privacy to laugh as loud as you want to Uncle’s jokes, it also provides a Karaoke system equipped with all the newest songs that have just come out in the charts. Eat and Sing with China Classic’s VIP Rooms.

The Food (Cantonese Cuisine): When it comes to Chinese cuisines, we know side dishes are part of our dining experience. At China Classic, we offer with a wide variety of choices ranging from an extensive healthy menu items like Poached Sliced Grouper with Superior Broth & Wolfberry and Poached Assorted Vegetables with Superior Broth, traditional Chinese cuisine menu with dishes like Sauteed Live Crab with Chilli Sauce Singapore Style and Pan-fried Prawn with Soya Sauce, and the very famous Peking Duck! Now, we know customers who frequent China Classic restaurant are spoiled with choices!

Most of all, the dishes served in China Classic Restaurant reflect the status and quality that the restaurant upholds. Specifically, for dishes like Dim sum, Peking duck, Roasted BBQ, you can expect the most authentic taste, freshness, richness from each of these dishes.


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